• Online Job-Oriented Courses by PTVA - EDUCEUM
  • As leading changemakers in the field of education, PTVA is proud to announce yet another pioneering initiative - our foray into the the world of online education. In partnership with our trusted affiliate Educeum, a premium online education service provider and platform, we bring to you a bouquet of handpicked unique short-term courses, aimed at makind our students "job-interview ready". Certified by PTVA, designed under the proficient counsel of industry and subject matter experts, future industry recruiters and renowned global faculty, these courses are intended to bring you one step closer to your future.


    About Online Job-Oriented Courses

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    1. Personal Mastery     2. Business Analytics as a Career
    3. Navigating a Successful Career     4. Successful Selling
    5. Digital Marketing     6. Enter the World of Banking
    7. E-Commerce and Supply Chain as a Career


    Courses offered at a special rate of Rs.2,000/- for PTVA's students