The Job Skills Training and Leadership Development Program was initiated in 2007 with a singular objective, to help students make a smooth and effortless transition from the protected world of academia, to the demanding corporate work environment.

Along with a good academic education, our students leave college with skills that would be beneficial in their respective workplace. These skills learnt while in college, are put to use when students do their internships and short term jobs, that they take up during their Summer vacation. So, when they leave college with a Degree, they are also equipped with skills required for their workplace.

With this objective in mind, a detailed curriculum has been designed by Mrs. Jennifer Gadgil. A dynamic team of Trainers has been brought on board to conduct sessions for this Program. Each of these Trainers, has a different area of expertise and is committed to creating an open, interactive classroom environment which is conducive to learning. This program is carried out for the Self-Financing Courses over three years. Each year, a total of 30 hours is used to conduct these sessions.

In the First Year, the program aims at ensuring that students develop written and spoken Communication Skills. The curriculum consists of training them in e-mail etiquette, letter writing, giving a speech, making a power-point presentation, to name a few. During these sessions, various activities involving team work and role play are also conducted. These activities in the First Year, give students an opportunity to overcome their fear and apprehensions of facing an audience. Once they have overcome their fears and feel confident to communicate, in the Second Year we aim at providing grooming sessions. These would help students learn inter-personal skills and improving self-image. It's in the Second Year that students begin to feel their confidence levels increase. In the Third Year, the trainers ensure that the students are ready to face an interview. So the students are taught how to write an impressive CV, how to prepare and face an interview and are taught techniques of Group Discussion. Besides, sessions on dress code and make-up are also conducted. Finally, at the end of the Third Year, the college hosts a sit-down dinner in which students are taught fine-dining skills. They are taught and explained dining etiquette and how to carry themselves at a Corporate dinner.

Having been trained in Soft Skills and Communication Skills, the college ensures its students are well prepared and can confidently find themselves making the transition into the world of work, smoothly.



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Placement Report for the Year 2017-2018

Name of the Company No. of Students Appeared No. of Students Selected
TCS 40 09
ICICI Prudential 67 37
Motilal Oswal 66 07
Wipro Limited 54 20
Asian Paints 47 03
M.M. Chitale 06 02
M.P. Chitale 80 04
India Nivesh Limited (Internship) 27 23